Tips related to garage door springs, opener and other components are waiting to be discovered. Take advantage of this page to enjoy a better functioning and reliable garage door.

Keeping your garage door in great shape can be a lot of work, but it is a lot simple if you know exactly what to do and when. For this purpose, our experts gathered some important tips you could readily use. In case of a broken spring, malfunctioning opener or damaged panels hire us at "Garage Door Repair Elk Grove" and we will take care of the problem. We work with doors and electric operators of all makes, designs and brands without exception.

Easy Tips for Garage Door Owners

Lubricate the drive chain of the opener

You should use light non-sticky lubricant approved or recommended by the manufacturer. Products based on lithium are preferred in colder climates as they do not harden when the temperatures drop. Apply the product along the chain and to the places where friction occurs between the trolley and the rail. Run the opener once or twice to spread the lubricant evenly.

Inspect the track in case the door makes scraping sounds

You should check the sections for misalignment first. Then you should go over the entire length of the components and watch out for bending. In case of misalignment, the two sections require adjustment. The bolts of the brackets have to be tightened. If there are any damaged ones, they should be replaced right away. If there are bent sections, timely repair is necessary.

Test the performance of the torsion spring

While the door is in closed position, disconnect it from the opener. Lift it half way to open position and let go. The door should stay in place or move up or down just slightly. If it shoots up or drops down, the spring has too much or too little tension and has to be adjusted.

Replace worn weather seals timely

To check for wearing, close the door while you are inside the garage and turn the lights off. If you see light coming in around the sides of the door, you should remove the old seals and add new ones. Choose strips which are thick enough and resistant to water and UV damage and temperature fluctuations.

Do not operate the overhead door if it hangs on one side

This problem could be caused by extensively worn or broken lift cable or broken extension spring. If you have an extension spring system, it may also be the result of greatly worn pulley. The worn or broken component has to be replaced with a new one right away. Make sure that the new part is strong and durable.

Consider a new opener with advanced security features

These features will help you to protect your vehicle and your entire house better. Rolling code technology changes the access code automatically after each use of the remote or wireless keypad. It comes with most openers available at present. Another useful technology blocks signals when turned on so that no one can open your garage door remotely.  

Releasing Objects Trapped by Garage Doors

This is a common issue that is handled by our professionals in Elk Grove. Press the emergency button for the electronic structures. For the manual installations, pull the safety lever. In any case, the fact that this type of accident happens means that the door is not working properly and must be serviced.

The Dangers of Warped Steel Garage Doors

Apart from being an eyesore, steel garage doors that are warped by the sun or physical damage should be corrected immediately. You can choose to replace them completely or do some panel beating to get them back into shape. Remember that they affect the operation of the tracks, hinges, rollers, pulleys and cables.

Buying garage door materials

Common weather conditions in the area are an important factor when choosing the material for a garage door. The next thing to consider is the design that matches the house. Choose materials that require less maintenance if you are a very busy person and cannot spend too much time on the door’s upkeep.

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