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FAQ about Garage Doors, Openers and More

What are the signs of a broken torsion spring?

When the breakage occurs there is a loud bang, as the force which the spring is loaded with is released. If you are not around to hear it, you will certainly notice the change in the performance of the door. Usually, it is completely stuck in place even if the opener is running. If you have a more powerful electric operator, it may actually lift the door by itself, but the opening will be extremely slow.

Does my door really need weather seals?

The bottom seal is essential for preventing rainwater from getting into contact with the bottom panel and entering the garage. The side and top weather strips also help in protecting the door, but their main job is to provide insulation. They block the cold/heat, the rain and pests from getting in. They are highly useful and easy to apply and to replace at the same time.

Why is my garage door noisy during opening and closing?

There are two possible causes to this problem. The first one is lack of lubrication. If the torsion spring, rollers and hinges are dry, you should lubricate them right away using a product which is approved or recommended by the door’s manufacturer. The second possible cause is wearing of these components and/or the lift cables. Careful inspection will help you determine their condition. All worn components should be replaced timely.

How do I test the safety sensors?

The simplest test involves opening the door fully, placing an object which blocks the sensors between them and closing the door with the remote. The door must not go down in this case. Another test is to wave a broom in front of the sensors while the door is closing. Again, the unit must reverse immediately. If the sensors fail any of these tests, you should have them repaired or replaced right away.

Is an opener with internet connectivity worth it?

If the opener is connected to the internet, you will be able to check the door’s position and to close it and open it remotely by using an app. Usually, the app works on smartphones, tablets and PCs and this gives you even greater flexibility. The remote monitoring and operation help for keeping the garage and the whole property secure. Besides, you will be able to let anyone in remotely.

How should I choose the best garage door for my home?

Easy. Just choose the material that suits your style. It can be steel, wood or aluminum. Then, pick the door design that matches the appearance of your home. Afterwards, determine the level of energy efficiency of the door. The more you conserve electricity, the better it is. Also, check the noise reduction features of your door.

Is the garage door important to my home?

Certainly, yes. It is best to invest in a garage door because it boosts the exterior appeal of your home. It also provides much-needed security but, it is possible for a garage door to stop working at times unexpectedly. So, a garage door repair expert is needed to prevent this from happening. If problems like this exist, call our technicians in Elk Grove to help you.

What do we mean by safety glass?

Safety glass for garage doors and their windows is actually tempered glass. Manufacturers follow a process during which glass is tempered so that it won't have sharp edges if it breaks. No one can get hurt and so they are ideal for garage door use.

What is an affordable garage door opener?

The most economical and efficient garage door opener is the chain drive. This type of door opener is one of the most popular openers offered because of its value. The chain drive opener doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to continue operating properly.

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