Have a Valentine's Day garage sale

Have a Valentine's Day garage sale

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Let’s clean up the area first

Depending on where you live, February may still be a bit chilly. This means that you may have to hold the sale inside the garage and not in the driveway. We all know that the garage doesn’t only hold cars, it also holds all of your miscellaneous household items and Halloween and Christmas decorations. Now is the time to pack all of this away and clear the area. It’s also time to get scrubbing to get rid of any lingering oil or chemical smells. Don’t neglect your garage door, but be sure to use the right cleaning agents. This may differ if you have a glass, aluminum, steel or milk glass door.Valentine's Day garage sale

Time to advertise

The main reason that we’re cleaning the door is so that it can be used as a homemade billboard. Try putting up a heart-shaped LED light and surround it with fairy lights. You could then use simple magnets to advertise the date and time of the garage sale. You could also highlight that you’ll be exclusively selling Valentine’s Day items. These magnets work best on steel garage doors.

Decorating the interior

If your advertising still didn’t hint to your customers at what you’ll be selling, the interior of your garage definitely will! Fairy lights are always a winner when trying to convey a sense of romance. Cardboard cutouts of hearts and cupids are also an affordable way to let everyone know that its Valentine’s Day.

What you should be selling

Holding this garage sale will take some preparation. You could be proactive and start collecting or buying items from the 15th of February the previous year as you know they’ll be on sale. Flowers, chocolates and cards are always safe options but if you’re an avid baker, you can show off your skills with some delicious cakes and cookies. Scented candles are also proving to be quite popular.

Some points to remember

Your garage door is a large and complex electromechanical device that is responsible for lifting and dropping an enormous amount of weight. You need to be very careful when hanging your lights and decorations as you wouldn’t want any wires getting stuck in the cables of the door. You also need to ensure that your automatic opener is clear of any debris. Just be aware that there may be plenty of strangers on your property and not all of them will be careful around your door.

It’s come to the end of the day

Time to collect all of your loot! At the end of a very hard day’s work, you can take your loved one out for a well-deserved romantic dinner and a movie!

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